Frequently Asked Questions

What is ISAPI_Rewrite?

ISAPI_Rewrite is a rule-based rewriting tool to rewrite requested URLs on the fly. ISAPI_Rewrite uses regular expression rules. With regular expressions you don't need to write a thousands check strings. The comparison and replace of URLs can be done with a few string patterns.

What is the difference between Lite and Full versions of ISAPI_Rewrite?

Lite and Full versions of ISAPI_Rewrite shares the same rewriting engine and source code. But Lite version doesn't support for per-site configuration and all relative features, only global rules are processed. In addition Lite version does not include proxiing engine. The following directives is not supported in Lite version: ProxyRule, EnableRewrite, DisableRewrite, EnableConfig, DisableConfig, CacheClockRate. The following flags is not supported in Lite version: P - proxy.

Where can I find more about how this can be used?

Read examples section in the product documentation. Also visit our online forum, a lots of practical solutions can be found there.

Is it possible to install ISAPI_Rewrite on my shared hosting?

If your hosting provider support for custom ISAPI filter installation you may provide them with manual installation package. Instructions can be found in the documentation.

My rule does not work, what should I do?

Follow this checklist:

  • Use Regular Expression Test Utility to check that your regexp is correct.
  • Read httpd.parse..error file to find syntax error in rules.
  • Read IIS log file to see what you are getting as a rewrite result.
  • Finally use online forum to ask your question to the support team.