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Subject Topic: HotlinkBocker/VideoOnDemand? (Topic Closed Topic Closed)
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Joined: 16 November 2007
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Posted: 18 November 2007 at 9:08am  

I have a basic requirement to produce a method of protecting video on demand files.  This protection is really relative to the site itself.  If someone downloads some of our content and passes it around, that's not really a big deal.  What we want to prevent is someone coming to our site, stealing links, and then passing those around.  This is because we have to pay for the bandwidth that is used for the downloads.

Can this product be used to protect these files?  We've got a basic authentication process that keeps a session going, etc.  When someone logs in, they get access to these files.  Unfortunately, once they've got the link, someone can directly link to the file.  We need a way of preventing this.

Is this what this product does?  It seemed maybe more for site content from the docs but a file is a file.  How does it interact with your authentication?  I guess the question is how do you set it up so it knows that someone is logged in and came from your site to download as opposed to someone just linking in?




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Joined: 16 November 2007
Posts: 4
Posted: 18 November 2007 at 11:22am  

These video on demand files are simply .WMV files on the hard drive, not live feeds.




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Joined: 15 August 2002
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Posted: 19 November 2007 at 5:47am  

This is exactly what this product does. You may use REDIRECT (simpler) or LINK (harder) protection for this purpose. For more instructions please read product documentation.
If you choose REDIRECT protection method configuration would be simple - only add folder with protected files to HotlinkBlocker protection.

Yaroslav Govorunov,
Helicon Tech
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