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Subject Topic: Mapfile to Fails Redirect Periodically
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Posted: 05 March 2012 at 4:27pm

We have been running ISAPI Rewrite 3 for some time successfully but periodically find that it fails to redirect any of the URLs in the map files and simply falls back on the default site in IIS. We used a text comparison tool to see if there was anything in the mapfile.txt or revmapfile.txt from the last working copy that was different and they match completely. When replacing the map files with the same contents it then works.

We are running IIS7 (Windows 2008 Server) in 32-bit mode.

When this occurs it seems like if we simply regenerate the map files everything starts running again. Is there something that may cause the program to become hung up that we can look at or tests we can run to fully diagnose the source of the problem?

We generate the map files from a MS SQL DTS job and need to know that this will be stable or know what may cause ISAPI Rewrite3 to stop running so we can look for causes. That said, is there a way to use a dynamic source for the map files such as XML so we do not need to keep writing the mapfile.txt and revmapfile.txt as new files? Our file gets written based on changing records from our database. If a dynamic file is not allowed is there support for an alternate file to mapfile.txt and revmapfile.txt that would provide secondary map files should the original files not be readable for whatever reason. This might provide us with a last-known-working files for example.

Any help or diagnostic suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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