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Subject Topic: Problems with HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL
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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 7:37pm


I'm currently switching sites from Isapi Rewrite 3 to the latest version of Ape.  I have noticed that the HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL server variable seems to be returning different values in Ape when requesting a URL with a default page.

For example:

I request  IR3's HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL variable would return '/', whereas Ape returns '/default.aspx'.

Rather strangely, if I request the 'ALL_HTTP' server variable (which has all server variables in a single querystring), the contained reference to HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL has a value of '/'.  The same also applies to 'ALL_RAW'.

My understanding is that this server variable should return the requested URL ('/'), not the actual page it is processing ('/default.aspx').

Is this a bug or intended behaviour or maybe a potential problem in my set-up?  I appreciate any and all help.


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