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Subject Topic: htaccess rewrite help
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Posted: 26 October 2011 at 5:15pm

I'm trying to change the url's on my website and I need
some help with the rewrite rules.

I'm trying to achieve the following url's for my website:

where the url is broken down so that the last 10 chars of
the URI (before the .html - which in this example is
max02d00333) is the sku number. The sku number which is
needed to produce the page will always be the last 10
chars of the URI or it will always be the last part of
the URI after the last dash (-) and before the (.html)

This then needs to be transposed into to make
the page render correctly.

I'm able to rewrite
cyclone-1-2-kg.html?fh_secondid=max02d00333 by using the
following rule which I downloaded from the internet (I
have no idea how this works???)
RewriteRule ^/?([^/]*\.html?|[^\./]*)[:;,\.]*$ /?%1

Can you please help me produce the rewrite rule so I can
map the url:

or, if you have another way of achieving nice seo urls
with our sku number in them (so we can query our
application correctly), I'd be more than happy to take
this instead of my way. Anything you can help me out
with easily I would appreciate. I've been trying to get
this fixed for the past 8 hours and I'm not getting
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