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Subject Topic: AccessFileName only one filename
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Posted: 19 October 2011 at 4:47pm

Running Windows server 2008 R2

Apes AccessFileName config only seems to allow 1 filename. I have added

AccessFileName  .htaccess web.htaccess

into the the http.conf and it just gives a 404 error for rewrites, but putting just

AccessFileName web.htaccess

then it works.

Isapi rewrite 3 allows two or more filenames and your ape docs say it should allow more than 1 I quote -

"AccessFileName directive specifies a list of file names that Helicon Ape will consider the names of distributed configurations. Default file name is .htaccess. Helicon Ape will only load the first found file in this list"

I want people to be able to use the default .htaccess but because windows explorer (and WebsitePanel file manager) do not like files beginning with . I also want to have the alternative web.htaccess as well.

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 7:29am

Please make sure you don’t have both .htaccess and web.htaccess in the same folder.
Additionaly try to use different name, like ape.conf or so.

Slavik Shynkarenko,
Helicon Tech.
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