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ISAPI_Rewrite 2.x (Forum Locked Forum Locked)
 Helicon Tech : ISAPI_Rewrite 2.x
Subject Topic: SEO Rewrite (Add Natural Lang. params)
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Joined: 26 December 2006
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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 1:24am

First of all, thanks to HeliconTech for a great product

I'm creating these very simple Rewrite Rules that improve SEO, such as,

RewriteRule /Trowbridge-Quality-Homes-In-Michigan /tb_findahome.asp

Then since we only cover a few counties I manually add other Rewrites,

RewriteRule /Trowbridge-Quality-Homes-In-Oakland-County-Michigan /tb_findahome.asp?co=oakland

However, there are also communities within counties and houses within communities.

There are too many communities, and too many houses that go on and off the market for me to write the rule manually.

So how do I take a Home offered in, for example, "Great Oaks" community that has a house for sale of model "Bowden" style?

These have id's in the .asp files such as .asp?co=oakland&community=5&model=2 but I can look up the names.

How can I write a rewrite rule that would essentially do this,

RewriteRule /Trowbridge-Quality-Homes-Is-Offering-a-(model)-Model-Home-In-The-Community-Of-(community)-In-
Oakland-County-Michigan /tb_findahome.asp?co=oakland&community=5&model=2

So the result would be, essentially, not necessarily in .htaccess,

RewriteRule /Trowbridge-Quality-Homes-Is-Offering-a-Bowden-Model-Home-In-The-Community-Of-Great-Oaks-In-
Oakland-County-Michigan /tb_findahome.asp?co=oakland&community=5&model=2

Not much to say, lots to do.
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Joined: 30 January 2007
Location: Ukraine
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Posted: 06 October 2011 at 2:04am

Appreciate your complement :)

So, what you want is when /tb_findahome.asp?co=oakland&community=5&model=2 is requested show /Trowbridge-Quality-Homes-Is-Offering-a-Bowden-
Model-Home-In-The-Community-Of-Great-Oaks-In-Oakland-County-Michigan to users, right?

This is easily approachable in ISAPI_Rewirte 3 with the help of mapfiles. As for v2, I can't think of a possibility to replace ids with their
corresponding values.

Is upgrade to v3 a viable option?

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