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Subject Topic: PLEASE Help / Rewrite URL
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Joined: 29 June 2011
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Posted: 29 June 2011 at 12:09pm


I have been a long time user of LinkFreeze, however my needs have become where I have to use Helicon Ape.

I am trying to write a urls like: into this

For the above url: 62 = GroupID  (I want to call its name instead of the id)

I know there are is a similar example at:

However I can't get it to work with the above group structure. How do I call group ID?

Someone please help.

Here is a sample of what I wrote so far:

#put these rules into the /forum/.htaccess file
RewriteEngine On

DBDriver mssql
DBDParams "Data Source=dbServer;Initial Catalog=WebWizForum;User ID=user;Password=password"
DBDPrepareSQL "SELECT Subject     FROM tblTopic  WHERE Topic_ID [email protected]" getSeoTopic
DBDPrepareSQL "SELECT Forum_name  FROM tblForum  WHERE Forum_ID [email protected]" getSeoForum
DBDPrepareSQL "SELECT Group_name  FROM tblGroup  WHERE Group_ID [email protected]" getSeoGroup

SetEnv mod_seo

RewriteMap SeoTopic dbd:getSeoTopic
RewriteMap SeoForum dbd:getSeoForum
RewriteMap SeoGroup dbd:getSeoGroup

RewriteMap slug int:slug

SeoRule forum_topics.asp\?FID=(\d+)(?:\&PN=(\d+))?$ \
        $1(?2-$2)-${slug:${SeoForum:$1}}.html [Redirect, Scope=A]
SeoRule forum_posts.asp\?TID=(\d+)(?:\&PN=(\d+)\&TPN=(\d+))?$ \
        topic-$1(?2-$2-$3)-${slug:${SeoTopic:$1}}.html [Redirect,Scope=A]
SeoRule forum_Group.asp\?TID=(\d+)(?:\&PN=(\d+)\&TPN=(\d+))?$ \
        topic-$1(?2-$2-$3)-${slug:${SeoTopic:$1}}.html [Redirect,Scope=A]

RewriteRule ^(\d+)-(?:(\d+))?(.*).html forum_topics.asp?FID=$1(?2&PN=$2) [NC,QSA]
RewriteRule ^topic-(\d+)-(?:(\d+)-(\d+)-)?(.*).html forum_posts.asp?TID=$1(?2&PN=$2&TPN=$3) [NC,QSA]


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Joined: 01 July 2011
Location: India
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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 5:56am

Hello Friends

 i have a same problem and same url. i want to Redirect Rule for this.
Please reply .  Anyone help me.
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Admin Group

Joined: 30 January 2007
Location: Ukraine
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Posted: 01 July 2011 at 9:09am

Hello, natureboy

What you have so far is pretty much the same we have in the article you refer to :)

What you should have is 2 mapfiles, e.g.:

62 GroupName

and revmapfile.txt
GroupName 62

And the rules like:

# ->
SeoRule public_forums/f/(\d+)/t/(\d+)\.aspx$ public-forums/${mapfile:$1}/$2-subjectline.html [Redirect, Scope=A]

RewriteRule ^public-forums/([^/]+)/(\d+)-subjectline\.html$ public_forums/f/${revmapfile:$1}/t/$2.aspx [NC,QSA]

Please clarify where should "subjectline" come from? I've put it into the rule as is just as an example.

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