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Subject Topic: Mapfile Rewrite Stopped Working
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Joined: 07 March 2007
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 3:24am

Hi Guys,

We recently upgraded from RW3 to Ape (admittedly on a free licence - just rectified!!)) on Windows 2008 Server.

We use mapfiles to rewrite product pages with some static rewrites.

This morning we found that none of our mapfile generated rewrites were working (404) but all the static ones were working fine.

The issue was fixed with a simple reset of IIS but obviously we are a bit concerned that this could happen again.

Do you have any ideas what the cause of this could be and any ways of stopping it from happening again?

Looked at the log and saw this entry which was unusual:

[01/03/2011 05:16:30] [ConfigLoader] (4) [/panasonic-toner-cartridges/panafax-uf889] d:\inetpub\wwwroot\domain\htdocs\.htaccess(13): Error in the .Unknown Excteption
 Line: RewriteMap mapfile1 txt:mapcat.txt
System.IO.FileLoadException: The process cannot access the file 'd:\inetpub\wwwroot\domain\htdocs\mapcat.txt' because it is being used by another process.
   at 0.124..ctor(String , Boolean , Boolean )
   at 0.107.105()
   at 0.103.14487181829(2 , 4 , String , List`1 , ELimit )
   at 3.3.14487181829(String , String& )
   at 3.14.0(String , Int64 , String )
   at 3.14.1889505111(String )

Any help would, as always be, greatly appreciated.

All the best,


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Joined: 02 July 2008
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Posted: 01 March 2011 at 4:04am

Perhaps the file is always blocked. Application which updates the file should open it with reading permission and perform close operation properly. Otherwise Ape won’t be able to access the map-file.

Helicon Ape also supports map-files in database:
Keyword reach URLs in 5 minutes

mod_rewrite’s documentation

mod_dbd’s documentation

Slavik Shynkarenko,
Helicon Tech.
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