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Subject Topic: Acitvating Ape Kills wordpress plugins
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Joined: 26 January 2011
Location: United States
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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 8:19pm

I found that activating APE one my server for my wordpress site kills my banner rotator plugin.

I've commented every line out of the httpd.conf file and everything in the .htaccess file.  In essence APE should be doing absolutely NOTHING, yet the proof is in the links that this plugin uses.
For example:

With Ape disabled:
Add new Advert Link shows:

Once I activate APE (with every single line commented out) it shows:

The difference between the two is:  ?page=banners-ads&

Why would this be missing????  I'm not rewriting or anything else.  So what does APE do behind the scenes with nothing in the httpd, .htaccess files?

I have nowhere to start on this.  where can I look inside of ape to further disable feature to find the root cause.  I love this product and so want it to work. 

any ideas anyone?

by the way.  If I enable APE, and paste the correct link into the address bar, it works!  So how is APE effecting the link? and why?  (once again, rewriting is OFF!  along with everything else)

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Joined: 02 July 2008
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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 5:11am

If there is no code in both httpd.conf and .htaccess files which related to a website Helicon Ape doesn’t do anything. Generally it only follows instructions provided in configuration files, nothing more.
Please uncomment the following line in httpd.conf:
RewriteLogLevel 9

This action enables logging to rewrite.log file (in the same folder as httpd.conf). Please enable Ape and logging and make that request a couple of times. Then send us whatever appeared in rewrite.log.

Slavik Shynkarenko,
Helicon Tech.
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