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Subject Topic: How to Practice Correctly at the Driving
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Posted: 29 December 2010 at 10:15pm

How to Practice Correctly at the Driving Range


One thing to understand when you go to a driving range is that you are there to practice; you will see many people eating, drinking and talking as though it is a place to meet and chatter. Make sure you have a definite plan; maybe you want to go through some simple warm up shots with the short golf clubs for sale just to loosen up. As soon as you feel ready make a mental list of 3 items, at the most, to work on for the next hour.

I would suggest you take say an 8 iron, pick out a definite target and look to hit 10 shots to that target while putting yourself under tournament conditions, then have a break. During the 5 minute break review how many golf clubs for sale were on target and which went left or right, you need to then prepare for another 10 shots where your aim is to be better than your first session.

Now do this maybe for 3 sessions, make some mental notes and then try hitting the same shots for another 2 sessions BUT this time try hitting 5 shots standing on your left leg only and five shots standing on your right leg only. The reason for this is to make sure you keep your body still and best golf clubs will help your balance but also give your legs a good work out. You will be surprised how good you will strike the ball after a few shots, in fact you maybe surprised when you compare notes with the best golf clubs you hit when standing on both legs! ishiner






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