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ISAPI_Rewrite 2.x (Forum Locked Forum Locked)
 Helicon Tech : ISAPI_Rewrite 2.x
Subject Topic: Rewite for robots.txt by subdomain
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Joined: 05 November 2008
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Posted: 31 August 2010 at 9:19am

Hi there,

I have an IIS6 hosted site using ISAPI_Rewrite 2.8 that contains a number of subdomains, all pointing to the same directory/ codebase on the server (different content is served based on the subdomain requested).

I'd like to add a unique robots.txt file for each subdomain (particularly so I can specify a different sitemap.xml for each one).  I've read the other posts on the subject here but nothing does quite what I am after.

My existing httpd.ini looks like this:


RewriteCond  Host:  (www\.)?olddomain\.com
RewriteRule  (.*)$2 [I,RP]
RewriteCond  Host:  newdomain\.com
RewriteRule  (.*)$2 [I,RP]
RewriteCond  Host:  (www\.)?newdomain\.com
RewriteRule  (.*)$2 [I,RP]

#EXCLUDES -- allow access to this directory
RewriteRule /(?:resources_app|scripts|rss)(?:/.*)? $0 [I,L]
RewriteRule /index.php / [I,R]

#Rule removes trailing slash, so site doesn't oops & forwards parameters
RewriteRule /([a-zA-Z=0-9_&//\-]*)/ /$1 [I,R]

RewriteRule ([^?]+)\?([a-zA-Z=0-9_&\-+%.]*) /index.php?page_url=$1&$2 [I,L]
RewriteRule .* /index.php?page_url=$0 [I,L]

Could I have a starter for 10 please?  Or a suggestion on a better approach?


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Joined: 30 January 2007
Location: Ukraine
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Posted: 01 September 2010 at 3:34am

So, do you want something like when you request the content will be taken from
And similar scenario for other subdomains?
Please clarify how you want it to work on specific examples.

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