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Subject Topic: 0 KB files on the cache directory (Topic Closed Topic Closed)
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Joined: 13 January 2006
Location: Mexico
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Posted: 08 May 2009 at 4:23pm  

I just started to eval the Jet product. I see a lot of image 0 KB files. what is the point of generating this files? there is no way to take image files out of the file list so they are not consider for compression.

one question:
are there any performace test on the product where the point of coparision would be

flat static file vs Helicon Jet cache file ?

Guillermo Dewey
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Joined: 03 March 2008
Location: Ukraine
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Posted: 12 May 2009 at 4:18am  

In order to exclude image files from cache put this line in Default config section:

Mime:image/* Level:0

Helicon Jet is designed for caching of dynamic content. Using it for caching of static content is useless.

However, you can use ap.exe or Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool to test the speed of web request.
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Joined: 13 January 2006
Location: Mexico
Posts: 6
Posted: 13 May 2009 at 1:14am  

tks for your reply.

1. I understand that catching static conntent is useless, the reason I ask is because we use to http spider all the dynamic site and place the flat files every 1 minute on the webserver farm. so I kind of want to know whats the performance impact on doing that vs using the solution. but I guess we could stress the site ones its finish to check how it perform.

2. what determines what is static and whats not? the fact that has has url variable? the fact that is not an .html but a cfm, asp, jsp, php? not all dynamic connten has url variables and not all dynamic conntent has a file extension.

In our case we are builing static pages that are dynamic using xmlhttprequest call to a php file that delivers (serves) xml feeds. the php feed does not have variables, but it has a text/xml mime type.

what we need to cache is the feed so the php does not query the db all the time.. maybe every 30 seconds.

----- any ways changing the subject -------

does the IIS need to restart to get the changes? sometimes things such as cache or not cache doest not take effect affter appling the changes.

Also, there are times where the webserver gives garbage text output to the browser.

I was on the idea this caused by the server (that had xcache before) but I installed a demo heliconyet on "fresh" test webserver we had and everthig was fine. but when working more in deep sometimes it gives this garbage.. any idea why this happens?

other question and sorry for making so many:

what triggers the file deleting on the cache dir? the actual next http request over the time diff ? its just that i dont see the cache files are deleting. they are even lock and cannot be deleted by hand because they are in use. even when they are expire.

many tks

Guillermo Dewey Guerra

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Joined: 03 March 2008
Location: Ukraine
Posts: 44
Posted: 13 May 2009 at 4:46am  

1. You must restart IIS to apply HeliconJet configuration.

2. HeliconJet determines the type of request (static or dynamic) by checking PATH_INFO server variable, for static resources it does not exist.

3. Garbage output in browser may appear if IIS does not sent Content-Encoding header.

4. HeliconJet has a lazy thread which removes outdates cache entries.
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Joined: 27 September 2009
Location: American Samoa
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Posted: 27 September 2009 at 11:25pm  

I'm very interested! I would love to find out more inforamtion related to this topic. Thanks in advance.
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